How to Clean Out Your Drains

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Do you live in a house and have hair? 😉If so you need to do this!

Okay I am going to warn you right here…

this is a very disgusting one! If you can’t handle gross then don’t go further!

however if you like gross then you are definitely going to want to check this out 😜 but don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Starting with the tub, I have noticed my tub hasn’t been draining as quickly as it once was so I decided to clean it out using these drain clog removers.

for my tub all I had to do was twist out the drain, now each drain is different so make sure you remove yours correctly to avoid damage.

then using these handy little drain things…

I insert it into the actual drain as far as it can go and twist, you will want to twist it around until you see all the hair wrapped around it. Then pull it out.

that simple!

Now for the bathroom sink, this one is much worse because my daughter and I both do our hair here and as much as we try to avoid getting hair in the sink it always happens.

Same thing, remove drain plug according to the drain you have.

Mine looks like this, and all I do is lift up the blue part in the back, then pinch the blue tabs and separate these two parts.

Keep in mind we have lived here for 3 years and this is my second time doing this!

Have you ever cleaned your drains this way? If you haven’t I recommend it!

Bam all clean and drains perfectly now!

thanks again for reading and I hope this has helped 🤍

Suggested materials:

  • Https://
  • Drain unclogger   (Amazon)

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