How do I get the rust stains out of my toilet and from around my sink?

One of my bathrooms has rust in the toilet bowl that I cant remove. Also, the same bathroom has rust around the silver metal at the stopper of the sink??

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  • Ann30088081 Ann30088081 on Jul 02, 2018
    Try zud cleanser

  • Bren Bren on Jul 02, 2018
    Believe it or not, make a paste with cream of tartar ( in the grocery spice aisle ) and water. Scrub with a brush and it should come right off.

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jul 02, 2018
    Replace the stopper. Euww I know but get your hand in the toilet with some Barkeepers Friend and a green scrubby!

  • Dorothy Dorothy on Jul 02, 2018

    Try Iron out or wink

  • Joye R. Foster Joye R. Foster on Jul 02, 2018

    First, I would completely empty the toilet bowl and let it dry. Go to the hardware and purchase a rust remover (there are several kinds). If the rust remover does not work, try pumice. You can purchase a pumice stick at the hardware store. I would do the same for the sink. Good luck.