A Chemical Free Way to Get Carpet Stains Out

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My husband has blown my mind when he has gotten spilled coffee and wine out of our carpets. He only uses water, a dish rag and an iron. Crazy, right? I thought so, until I saw the results.
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We moved in to our house two years ago and these stains were there already. They felt and looked like some sort of grease stain.
Completely wet a towel and wring the excess water out. Fold the towel (make sure to have at least 2-3 folds). Use a towel that won't bleed color.
Turn your iron on high heat and press it in to the towel. The towel is pressing in to the stain using steam to release the stain up to the surface. Repeat if necessary.
Enjoy your spot-free carpet.

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  • Hughes Dylan Hughes Dylan on Mar 13, 2019

    To my horror, my strawberry margarita slipped off the end table and disaster struck on my light beige apartment carpet. Being a typical male I begin rubbing not blotting the stain and after a while of scrubbing gave up and went to bed. The next morning it looked worse.

    Here are the steps to remove a set red stain such as the above mentioned (kool-aid, red juices, etc.):

    1. Make a small container mix of hot water with an ample amount of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid.

    2. Pour the solution on the stained area and wait about a minute or so to let the Dawn do its work.

    3.Grab a roll of paper towels

    4.Get your iron out and plug it in with the setting on high. Let it warm up nice and hot.

    5.Take about 5 or 6 sections of dry paper towels and fold them so they are just wider than your iron and lay them over the stained area.

    6.Take your hot iron and press down on the paper towels.

  • Gin Gin on Jun 26, 2019

    I have used paper towels and an iron to get spilled wax off the carpet but still has some staining. Will try the dawn to try to pull out the stain and residual wax.