Dog Bowls & 11 Other Things to Clean in the Dishwasher

Stop what you're doing, free your hands, and give your dishwasher a round of applause! That guy deserves it – he's one of the most important appliances in your house. If you've ever lived (or currently live) without this appliance, you know just how true that is! Not only does he make dinner clean up a pain-free chore, he can disinfectant oodles of household items.
It's easy to clean things other than dishes in your dishwasher, but don't just start throwing every dirty toy and towel in the dishwasher! Follow this BrightNest rule of thumb: if someone in your family would cry over an item being lost or damaged, clean it by hand.Note: It's also best to avoid adding items with small nooks and crannies to your regular load of dishes because they can catch bits of food. Instead, give them their own cycle!Here are 12 "other" dishwasher-safe items:
1. Pet bowls. You wash your dishes regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria, so do the same for your pup (or feline friend). It's typically fine to load 'em up with your other dishes, but if you have a small baby at home, we recommend you give your pet bowls their own cycle (babies don't have established immune systems and can be more susceptible to different types of germs).
For the rest of the dishwasher-safe items, visit:

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  • Susan Fillingim Susan Fillingim on Oct 30, 2014
    I put the exhaust filters from over the stove, ball caps, and the dogs' plastic balls in my dishwasher, but not run the dry part. And, of course NOT with the dishes!
  • Vivian Huff Vivian Huff on Nov 02, 2014
    Great Ideas! I've done several of these but not all. Will have to check out the oven knobs. I hate cleaning them! My filter over the stove is nasty. Will do that today.