How to Make a DIY All-Purpose Cleaner Without Vinegar

by Elnazhamai

If the smell of vinegar is a deal-breaker for you when it comes to cleaning, I've got a fantastic recipe for a DIY all-purpose cleaner. It’s not only vinegar-free but also leaves your surfaces sparkling clean.

Let's dive into creating your very own DIY all-purpose cleaner.

Tools and materials

  • Measuring cup
  • Funnel
  • Clean empty spray bottle
  • 3/4 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon dish soap (Dawn or Castile soap)
  • 1 cup of alcohol (preferably 91% for retained disinfectant properties)
  • Optional: Essential oil (tea tree oil for its natural disinfectant properties)
Making a DIY all-purpose cleaner

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before we begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials ready. You'll need a measuring cup, funnel, clean empty spray bottle, water, dish soap, alcohol, and optional essential oil.

Measuring the water

Step 2: Measure the Water

Using your measuring cup, pour 3/4 cups of water. This will serve as the base for your all-purpose cleaner.

Adding dish soap to the cleaner

Step 3: Add Dish Soap

Next up, add 1 teaspoon of your preferred dish soap. Whether it's Dawn or Castile soap, the choice is yours. The soap will provide the cleaning power needed for your DIY cleaner.

Pouring in the alcohol

Step 4: Pour in the Alcohol

Measure out 1 cup of alcohol. Opt for 91% alcohol to ensure that even when diluted, your cleaner retains its disinfectant properties.

Adding essential oil to the DIY all-purpose cleaner

Step 5: Optional Essential Oil

If you want to elevate the fragrance and add extra disinfecting power, this is the time to add a few drops of essential oil. I recommend tea tree oil for its natural disinfectant properties, but feel free to choose your favorite scent.

DIY all-purpose cleaner

Step 6: Mix Well

Now that all your ingredients are in the bottle, it's time to shake things up! Put the lid on your spray bottle and give it a good shake to ensure everything is well combined.


  • Use a clean, empty spray bottle to avoid any chemical reactions with previous contents.
  • Shake well before each use to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed.

DIY all-purpose cleaner

There you have it, a simple and affordable DIY all-purpose cleaner that will leave your counters gleaming. It is not only effective but also safe to use on surfaces like quartz, granite, and marble.

Do you use homemade cleaners? Share your recipes in the comments below.

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