Used Medicine Bottles. Make a Reed Diffuser Using Essential Oil

3 Materials
5 Minutes

Everywhere i look i see vessel's (vase's that can be turned in to diffusers)

Theres a couple of rules.

Glass, narrow neak. Can be any size

"i have tried that one". (Bigger reed diffuser in another post).

An dark glass is better. As they dont let the oils evaporate as fast. So below is my empty bottle of medicine. I have been unwell. But better now. 😁

Covonia. Works good as medicine but will make a nice vessel.

I just scrubbed the lable of with hot water i did soak this overnight.

Below are my essential oils i used.

I used skewers for this one. (Just to try them). "see if they do work?. I snipped the pointy ends of.

Oils I used an bottle cleaned all set..

Now i do like my strong smells so you don't need this much drops?.

It's your mix you no what you like.👍

*In a container measure your oil.

*60ml sweet almond oil this is your carrier very important!!.

*20 drps vapor oil

*20 drps pepermint

Mixing with a skewer.

Then add to the bottle.

Should smell beautiful. :)

Looks nice.

The covonia symbol was engraved into the bottle this made it look cool .. I put some white twine around the neak an some gold self addisive pearls under the convonia symbol on the glass.

All done

I've placed this beside my bed. The medicine was needed.

But now the peppermint can boast my energy an aid my digestion.

The vapor oil will keep me free from congestion an help my chest. For the future

Looks cool smells better :)

Love how this smells. Peppermint smells lovely i have turned the skewers.

An will again in a day or so. Replace them once there totally saturated. This will help it last longer

They seem to be working. But's let see how long for?. We can only try these thing's ourselfs to test them..

Essential oils are so natural an have so meny benefits. Big or small vessels? Try making your own reed diffuser with essential oils see the difference. You can make to your home. And yourself, as who don't like a fresh bedroom when you walk in.. A freash smell greet you when you walk in from work. Each room can be a different smell. It uplift's your mood. Im hooked. If you ain't tryd essential oils have a go. You might be surprised. Thanks for reading

Suggested materials:

  • Covonia medicine bottle   (Morrisans)
  • Skewers   (Morrisans)
  • Essential oils   (Amazon)

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  • Val28883614 Val28883614 on Aug 23, 2021

    Thank you for posting. I've been wondering how I could do this myself but do not know enough about the essential oils to try. I've leaned something today.

    I'll see if the Vapor oil and sweet Almond oil are available on Amazon. I think the vapor oil is a timely suggestion.

    Thanks again

  • Make nice thing's Make nice thing's on Aug 25, 2021

    Very welcome indeed. Sweet almond I bought from Amazon. Good value.. an moods essential oils also from Amazon. Very good quality. I also tryd fractured coconut oil that's in another project. That also worked great as a carrier . Also any essential oil you like will work wonders. Hope you have fun:)