Dog licking on a quilt, how do I get the stains out?

I have a white quilt my dog has licked on, I've tried pre treating with stain remover ans washed with bleach. I have let it air dry, but the stains are still there. What can I do?
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  • Beth Blackledge Allen Beth Blackledge Allen on Oct 20, 2016
    Maybe try one of the enzymatic cleaners that is designed for urine. You should be able to find them at the pet store.
    • Mar8112963 Mar8112963 on Nov 04, 2016
      There are pet stain, smell and urine sprays especially just for that. Shout usually doesn't work on pet stains very well. The Wal Mart has several brands to choose from. The most important thing is to remove the smell especially the urine because your pet will go right back to it. :)
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 20, 2016
    Using bleach added to the stain.Try using Hydrogen Peroxide. Dab on the stain with a wet cotton ball.
  • Shelley Bilton Shelley Bilton on Oct 21, 2016
    Try spraying hydrogen peroxide on the stain, soaking well and rubbing it into the stain until soaked. Wash in warm water or better yet, hot water if you can.
  • Laurie Laurie on Oct 21, 2016
    Try soaking the stain generously with Purell hand sanitizer. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes then rinse with water before washing. If stain isn't gone, repeat. This works on ink stains!
  • Alicia Gillentine Carr Alicia Gillentine Carr on Oct 21, 2016
    Peroxide usually works best on stains that are biological. Also you may want to try a dog shampoo made for removing tear and saliva stains from white dog fur (like Arctic Blue Whitening Shampoo). I would soak and rinse with the shampoo and then put it in the washer.