How to get or keep whites white using a front loading washing machine?

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  • Em Em on Mar 16, 2019

    The type of washing machine does not matter. It is the soap and additives that matter. Make sure you wash whites with whites ONLY, and that excludes dirty white socks. Do them on their own. Try Borax or Oxyclean in with your regular laundry detergent.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 16, 2019

    I add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of TSP - tri-sodium phosphate to my wash before loading the clothes. TSP has been taken out of all laundry detergent so clothes don't get as clean or white.

    You can get a box of it in the pant department of you local big box home improvement store.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 16, 2019

    I put vinegar in my softener dispenser to help make sure all the soap comes out, that helps whites from not getting dingy, too.

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 18, 2019

      So far, I haven't had a problem with anything that I wash and I have been doing it for quite a while with my HE machines because it doesn't always rinse out all the soap suds from heavier clothes. The vinegar cuts that so that I don't get the white sediment on some dark clothes.