I purchased an old crocheted tablecloth.

by Ary
I am not certain what shape it is supposed to be. It looks like it maybe should be some type of oval shape. I would like to clean it and starch it into its original shape. I have never starched anything before. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to do this and what the best products are for this project?

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 08, 2017

    You can buy "Robin Linen Starch" Powder. or you can use a Spray Starch, to do as you go.

  • Emily Emily on Oct 08, 2017

    I don't think a full crocheted tablecloth is intended to be starched. What size is this cloth? You must launder this very carefully as the little interstices rip easily. It is possible to buy starch in a liquid form in a bottle. This starch is meant to be diluted.

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Oct 08, 2017

    It's called blocking. If it's not gigantic use your floor to pin the thing to size, I found it too difficult to pin it when wet so I did it dry and sprayed it wet...or take it to your dry clean place and let them do it

  • Hul30187465 Hul30187465 on Oct 08, 2017

    I have several bedspreads & tablecloths my grandmother made. For 60 years, I have washed them on delicate. Using a large surface like a table, put down towels to cover table, fold crocheted piece in half. Shape edges to be even. Fold again if it hangs over the edges to keep from stretching after shaping. Let dry. If you want it stiffer, spray it with spray starch after shaping. The only pieces I ever starched were the tatted snowflake ornaments or “doilies“ she made. I found that if shaped & dried I didn’t really need to starch thE larger pieces. If a lot of threads are breaking, (they can be repaired), just soak In tub and let drain until not dripping. The new front load washers works well since they don’t have an agitator.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Oct 09, 2017

    Emily is right that when wet, a crocheted item the size of a tablecloth will be not only very heavy, but very fragile, and can easily damage itself.

    I am wondering for what purpose do you want to starch it?

  • Emily Emily on Oct 09, 2017

    I have several tablecloths approximately that size. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a tablecloth and a bed spread. But it does sound more like a tablecloth. I would not recommend starching it. And be very careful washing it and dry it flat on a bed or the floor. You can smooth it out then and shape it too.

    p.s. I have a friend who crocheted these. I will call her tomorrow but may not get back to you till next day.