How do I remove mold from a cushion cover of porch furniture?

  4 answers
  • John pyles John pyles on Apr 26, 2017
    Try bleach

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 26, 2017
    Make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda into a paste.Apply to the mold and allow to sit on long enough to aid in the removal. Then wash in a mild dish soap and hot water.

  • Tan20629544 Tan20629544 on Apr 26, 2017
    Do what Janet say's and then let the covers dry in direct sunlight. Do not put them in the dryer. It will set any mold that is left. You might have to use the treatment several times.

  • Jean Fritsch Jean Fritsch on Apr 27, 2017
    I would be cautious using bleach, it might clean the mold/mildew stains but it also might do damage of its own. I'd try Hydrogen Peroxide and a stiff brush to work it into the fabric. Let dry in sunlight.