Can you give me tips for cleaning these floors?


My brother recently bought a house and I was helping him clean . I used a Swifter to mop the kitchen floor. The mop kept getting stuck on the floor and I continued some parts of the floor would turn white like if there was glue on it.Once it was mopped you could tell something had been spilled.I don’t know if it’s glue or wax. I don’t know if the floors are linoleum or Vinyl laminate . There was a spot about 2x3 ft that was like an 1/18 thick and I had to scrape it off with a paint scraper . The gunk that would come up was like a glue if you didn’t wipe it immediately it would dry again. My problem is it is all over the dining room and kitchen but only in spots . I have tried all kind of stuff to remove this and it still won’t come off. I took the 2x3 spot off by putting a hot towel on it then scraping but that was very hard. Too many areas to do this . I have tried vinegar ,mineral spirits , acetone ......Thanks

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