How to remove dried paint spill from cement near flowers


This is about a 3" round spill near the curbside flowers.

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  • Heje Heje on Jul 03, 2018
    I love it when it is latex because it can be peeled off. Oil is another matter, it will wear off over time but if it doesn't use mineral spirits or another paint remover and scrap or brush it off.

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jul 03, 2018
    If it is latex paint, there are products like "Goof Off" that will remove most of it. It may take several applications. If it is oil based, you can scrapes off most, then use a wire brush on the remaining. You ccan try high pressure washer, but my luck with those has been limited.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 03, 2018
    Water or oil based? Water based should wash off, unless it's been left to bake in sun. Try mixing dawn dish detergent, warm water, and use a scrub brush. Oil paints can be difficult to remove, because solvent may damage concrete.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 03, 2018
    I have removed dried paint with a pressure washer.

  • Debbie King Debbie King on Jul 04, 2018
    I have worked with oil based and lead paint for years and what will get it off of anything included fabric days later is goop hand cleaner from automotive and in your case the gritty orange and a wire brush should do the job. For cloth and other material i recommend the smooth colorless.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jun 16, 2021

    Hi Arlene, undiluted Murphy's oil soap usually works. Put some on and let it soak a while. It will come right off and it's safe for plants too.