How to remove floor glue?

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  • Hi, I have only done it on a small area, but I used acetone to soften the glue and a paint scraper to scrape it off.

  • Lori Fitzgibbon Lori Fitzgibbon on Sep 07, 2018

    Oh boy you have a mess!

    You have a few options depending on how much glue and how thick.

    1. You can try hot water to soften and then just peel it off. Best for a small area.

    2. You can get Goo-gone or Krud Cutter at most hardware stores. This stuff will take care of it. Follow the label directions for disposal and care though. There are also others on the market, I just haven't used them.

    3. You can rent a sandimg machine and buy a grinding wheel for removing epoxy. (A little expensive, unless it's the entire house)

    4. Put down a new sub floor and the put your new floor down. Again, expensive.

    If it we're me, I'd choose #2. Cost for these adhesive removers runs $8-$30. You may need a broad blade putty knife for scrapping if you don't have one and LOTS of trash towels (paper towels is what I use) and antrash bag. Open windows also. Work in small areas so the smell doesn't take over.

    Good luck!

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    • Lori Fitzgibbon Lori Fitzgibbon on Sep 08, 2018

      Oh please do. I love to see what other people are doing, it give me courage to do it. I have steps I would like to take carpet off but I'm pretty sure they aren't anything to write home about, lol.

      Good luck with the glue.

  • Made in paraDIY Made in paraDIY on Sep 08, 2018

     With a stove scraper

  • Seth Seth on Sep 09, 2018

    If you want to avoid harsh chemicals, invest in a heat gun. It will soften the glue so that you can scrape it up. I did this to remove 60 sq. ft. of glue after pulling up old vinyl flooring before tiling. It's slow, but it works, and a heat gun is a good tool to have. I bought my heat gun on Amazon.

  • Harlene Harlene on Sep 09, 2018


  • LK_da_hobby_gal LK_da_hobby_gal on Sep 13, 2018

    I had to take up some old glued down vinyl in my bathroom so my handiman could lay down new subfloor and put down my vinyl flooring. So I, the google queen, watched a dude iron the old vinyl floor and it came right up.

    When I got down to the particle board flooring I don't remember there being glue on it. Maybe because it had been wet, who knows how long (it was a slow leak) the glue was absorbed? I know I had to iron the floor and get 3 levels of old vinyl up before getting to the sub-floor. Of course the irons were trash at the end of this project. I bought them at GoodWill for $5 each.

    I have used the goo gone but it does take some arm muscles. Wish I had more advice for you but take it from the google queen~~google!! I know some home contractor out there has a video that will help!!!!

    Good Luck!