How well does a Roomba actually work?


Must I buy an actually Roomba, or are other brands just as good. And how much do I have to spend. I can't see going over about $300 unless it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! What have been your experiences?

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  • Debbie Kuhar Debbie Kuhar on Dec 26, 2018

    go on I read the reviews before I bought my new sweeper. Home Depot has reviews also.

  • Karen | Decor Hint Karen | Decor Hint on Dec 26, 2018

    Hi! I received the ILife robot vacuum as a gift for Christmas. While it won’t replace using my regular vacuum entirely, it definitely helps cut down on dust bunnies and overall crumbs and such from my kids. It’s inexpensive compared to other robot vacuums and runs for a while off a battery charge. Cons are that you need to clean out the filter after each use, it sometimes missed dirt entirely, and it has a hard time making it back to its home to charge sometimes. I won’t stop using it though - it’s a help! Can be purchased on amazon.

  • Was gifted a very expensive model. I have pets and was completely worthless. I could do in 20 minutes what it took the robot all day to do as it was always homing itself to recharge. And it wasn't thorough and didn't do a good job picking up pet hair. If an adult household with no pets or children, it might be ok. If you have pets or kids, you will be disappointed. My Shark vacuum cleaner does an excellent Job. Don't waste your money. Buy a decent vacuum cleaner instead and you don't need a Dyson either, many other brands and models that work just as well at half the price or less.

  • Bole63 Bole63 on Dec 26, 2018

    I love my Roomba 770. I set it up automatically to clean 2x a week. I purchased it refurbished on ebay for $146 It always goes back to "mother" station to recharge. Highly recommend!

  • Debra Smith Debra Smith on Dec 26, 2018

    I bought a Shark Ion Robovac about a month ago from Amazon for $212.00 (including tax - I have free delivery). It is WONDERFUL! I’ve already used it many times and it does a great job on my tile, laminate and low pile rug, with no issues. It runs for a little over an hour each time and returns to the docking station where it recharges completely in about 3 hours. I chose this one after studying a lot of reviews. I’ve have/had many Shark products and have never been disappointed in the product or the customer service. I’m extremely pleased with this vacuum!!!

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Dec 26, 2018

    I have the iLife pet version and it’s much more affordable. It does a great job but you do have to clear the room of cords and small items to run it. I turn mine on and go to work. It’s great coming home to a clean room. I rotate rooms or spaces.