Naturally Cleaning Upholstered Used Furniture

I am really into using natural cleaners at all times.
One of the main reason is that I have a chronic condition that gets worst with strong chemical smells.
Also, natural cleaners are better for our environment, as whatever we wash down the drain goes back into the water we drink.
Being free, I knew that this loveseat was probably in need of some TLC.
After we got this home, I inspected the loveseat.
Structurally was in perfect condition.
Not so the upholstered fabric.
Let me rephrase.
The fabric had no rips...
but it did have smaller stains and cat hair (most of it was not noticeable).
No smell, which is ALWAYS a plus!
In the morning I set out my cleaners and got to work.
First of all I lint rolled the entire furniture by using packing tape.
Same concept as the lint roller...just cheaper.
Then I vacuumed the loveseat with this little vacuum.
I used a 50/50 vinegar/water mix, and sprayed over the most noticeable stains.
I scrubbed the stains with an old towel.
Repeated until it looked clean.
I then sprayed the entire seat and back.
Don't be shy.
Spray and scrub.
Repeat as necessary.
Finally I used our shark floor steamer. It has a plastic attachment you can used for carpet...
well, I used it on the upholstered fabric.
So I steamed the entire thing.
Several times.
For a deep cleaning.
(And scrubber with the old towel as necessary),
until I felt like it was clean.
In the end I used a clean old towel and paper towels to blot dry the loveseat.
Let it dry for several hours before sitting on it.
My husband came home later in the day and said:
It looks brand new! It kind of is. The tag on the bottom said it's only 2 years old, and they paid $500...which I am not surprised, because I have been keeping a close eye on similar items on different sites, and they all range above $350+

Daniela N
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  • Pg Pg on Nov 11, 2018

    You show a spray bottle labeled vinegar/acetone, but don't mention using it in the cleaning? What would you use that mixture for?

  • Pg Pg on Jan 01, 2019

    Where is the acetone used that is on the bottle label? I only see vinegar and water mentioned.


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