How can I remove moldy,mildewy smell from antique furniture?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 10, 2017
    wash the entire piece out with white vinegar.allow to dry and place baking soda boxes,cedar chips or deactivated charchol inside

  • Give it a good wash with Murphy's Oil Soap. Wipe out all the drawers / interior spaces with a 50 / 50 water vinegar solution. Or a light sanding might help too. You can also place charcoal in each drawer or compartment for a week or so.

  • Nancy Clark Jowers Nancy Clark Jowers on Dec 10, 2017
    Fabreze for fabrics. MILD vinegar water mix lightly sprayed on

  • Tracy Tracy on Dec 10, 2017
    If the furniture has drawers, put around 4 drops of lavender or peppermint essential oils on a cotton ball and place inside of each drawer. Also, you can use a dryer sheet with essential with some fragrance oil on it...

  • Kathy A Kathy A on Dec 10, 2017
    I've had good luck spreading a bag of cedar shavings around in the corners and leaving it for a week. Charcoal briquets and baking soda didn't do a thing.

  • Philip Fiorenzio Philip Fiorenzio on Dec 10, 2017
    Heat will always remove unwanted smells from just about anything. Put your items outside in direct sunlight. Generously spray all furniture with room deodorant . Let the sun do its job. Repeat as necessary .