How do I get the smell of Moth Balls out of an old chest of drawers?

This is an old piece of furniture from my Mother and apparently she loved Moth Balls. Please help! Judi V.

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  • Cindy Cindy on Feb 03, 2018
    Hi Notmother05, I use moth balls to keep rabbits from living under my shed. So I know how they smell. For your dresser, I would recommend putting charcoal in the drawers. If the smell is really bad, use quite a bit of charcoal. Close the drawers and wait. It may take more than just a few days. Wishing you well.

  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on Feb 03, 2018
    Newspaper sprayed with some white vinegar does help. The ink in newspapers absorbs smells quite well. Lysol does works for this and boxes of baking soda.

    So does putting the drawers outside on a few spring/ summer days.

    It's going to take some persistance. Well worth it to get rid of that smell!

  • Emily Emily on Feb 03, 2018
    I took a course called "SAving things" and we learned just how bad moth balls are for fabric and wood. I think you may have to sand down the insides of the drawers. I would also put the drawers outside to help lose that noxious odor! Good luck!

  • Dave Dave on Feb 04, 2018
    I would try vinegar, also baking soda may help, open the box and or sprinkle it on the inside just let it sit for days.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 04, 2018
    Vinegar and baking soda should absorb the bad odors- best of luck :)

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Sep 17, 2020

    Hi Judi, you can try on of these tricks to get rid of that moth ball smell -

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Sep 17, 2021

    Hi Judi, sprinkle some fresh kitty litter inside the chest of drawers and it should absorb the moth ball smell.