How do you clean antique wicker that has been painted and is brittle?

by Mar9225446
After I have cleaned the wicker, what type of paint or surface should I apply to help prevent further deterioration?
We inhereited these seating pieces and they have sentimental value. Thank you!
how do you clean antique wicker that has been painted and is brittle
how do you clean antique wicker that has been painted and is brittle
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 23, 2017

    Try to use a little wood glue first for the pieces that are sticking up ,allow to dry,and use a Clear rustoleum spray sealer for wicker.

  • Kris Kris on Mar 23, 2017

    I usually use a staple gun on stray strands of cane after using glue. Use a small paint brush.As I put a decent primer on I spray water on first to dampen cane. This helps soak the paint into difficult tricky spots. Then paint with a good gloss paint. Perhaps 2 coats are needed depending on the cover. Consider spraying on the final coat as again the paint will reach the tricky spots.


    Kris from Australia

  • William William on Mar 23, 2017

    Spar urethane is a little different than polyurethane. It dries to a clear, more flexible finish, so it works well for wicker furniture that extends and flexes as people sit or lie on it. Spar urethane also works well to prevent cracking and splitting. Reapply this coating over the whole surface of the furniture piece every two years.

    Marine varnish can be applied directly to unfinished bamboo or it can be used to enhance the water-sealing abilities of any paint. It will alter paint color slightly but this will not be noticeable if you varnish the entire item. Allow 12 hours for dry time when you're finished.

    Clear lacquer can be put on either with a brush or from a spray container. Be certain to turn the chair and use firm but steady pressure on the lacquer can if you're using one.

  • Canadianlady Canadianlady on Mar 25, 2017

    Wicker should be hosed down every so often to keep it from going brittle.

  • Janet Callahan Janet Callahan on Mar 25, 2017

    The furniture you are showing is not true wicker. It is actually made of rolled paper, I had a set just like it. It does not take to excessive water, so a quick spray, and a brisk scrub with a long, soft bristle brush to clean it. (Similar to car wash brush). White glue to fasten down the broken bits, and a flexible paint finish, clear or colors, your choice, to seal it.