How to remove mold safely from acacia outdoor wood chaise lounger?

by Sarah
I bought an acacia wood lounger a year ago for about $120. I live in Florida and can't leave my cushion on it because it rains so much. Now it looks like mold or mildew (black stuff) has started to grow on the wood. I am very sensitive to mold and need to find a way to clean it off safely (for me and the wood), and to seal it with something that is safe for me to apply. I have seen teak oil and some wax product, but have been told by others that this attracts dirt and bugs and is not a good solution. I don't want to pay to have someone do this because it's more than the price of buying a new lounger. Thanks for any input!! Susan PS: Hopefully the pictures have uploaded, if so, the last one is of the back of the top that has been protected from the elements and still looks new.

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