Asked on Jul 11, 2017

Smelly cabinet-My bathroom cabinet has a weird smell!

by Diane
My bathroom cabinet has a weird smell. I cannot store towels or anything that absorbs odor. What can I do to eleminate this. My hubby said it's the type a wood used in the cabinet.

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  • Lookinforideas Lookinforideas on Jul 11, 2017

    Try putting crunched up newspaper in the cabinet for a few days. Leave the cabinet closed. Might want to put an opened box of baking soda in with the newspaper. Both are odor absorbers, so you have a double whammy working for you. Good luck. I hope this helps.

    • Diane Diane on Jul 11, 2017

      I have tried both and also cat litter and oder absorbing products........ nothing.

      Thank you

  • Pennie1958 Pennie1958 on Jul 11, 2017

    unless its cedar it should smell if cedar its great for keeping thing stored away keeps bugs out

  • Take everything out. Wipe the inside down with rubbing alcohol. Place a bunch of charcoal in a container and leave in the cabinet for a few days. Replace your items and place boxes of baking soda in there just like you do for fridge and freezer.

  • Erin Erin on Jul 11, 2017

    You could try fumigating it for awhile by leaving the door open and putting a few boxes of baking soda inside. Open the boxes.

  • Amanda Amanda on Jul 11, 2017

    You can place a few unused charcoal briquettes inside for a few days and see if that helps.

  • Marilyn Zaruba Marilyn Zaruba on Jul 11, 2017

    Charcoal is another one that eliminates odors or you could saturate it with peppermint oil or why wouldn't several layers of a good acrylic paint work?

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 11, 2017

    Try baking soda,deactivated charcoal,or coffee grounds

  • After I thoroughly cleaned and still had an odd smell, I decided to also store smelly soaps, unwrapped, with my linens. Also used dryer sheets in between towels helped.

  • Diane Diane on Jul 11, 2017

    I really want to thank each and everyone of you that replied. But I think we are all thinking alike.

    I am thinking about painting the inside. Any more suggestions

  • Tricia Perakes Tricia Perakes on Jul 11, 2017

    I would try thoroughly cleaning the cabinet with Murphy's Oil soap, and then place a container of Damp Rid in the cabinet. You could also try cleaning with a lemon, lavender, or peppermint essential oil diluted in water. When finished you can use scented shelf liners.

  • Sandy Sandy on Jul 11, 2017

    I would paint it. Use a good primer to seal it and then paint over it.

  • Mellie Mellie on Jul 12, 2017

    It could be made of plywood; when it gets old, the glue holding the layers together begins to smell bad. I had a drawing table in my kitchen for several years and it stunk up the place. I don't know how to get rid of the stench except to remove the cabinet and replace it with real wood, or maybe Formica. Good luck.

  • Joseph Starling Joseph Starling on Nov 22, 2023

    It is made of Rubberwood. Toss it in the trash and buy one made of real wood. The stink comes from the tree producing rubber. There is NO FIX to my knowledge

  • If you can air it out outside for a bit that might help to start. If you’re willing to paint the interior, you can use an odor eliminating paint.

  • Try washing the inside of the cabinet. You can also put activated charcoal in it to eliminate odors.