What is the best thing to clean a wheelchair with?

Judy Thurston
by Judy Thurston
I am in a wheelchair and i wanted to know if there is any hometalker out there that knew what the best thing was to use to clean it with? Please Help me! Thanks a lot!
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  • William William on Feb 04, 2017

    I worked as a Maintenance Technician for a Nursing Home. We used Simple Green for general cleaning wheelchairs. Spray it on, let it sit for a while, then wipe off. If they were really grimy, we would use a 50/50 mix of Simple Green and water. Saturate the whole wheelchair, let it sit for a while, then hose the chair down with a garden hose, and let it dry. State regulations we couldn't use any thing else that could be harmful to residents. WD40 to lubricate the wheels, casters, and any moving parts.

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    • Sharon Strong Sharon Strong on Feb 06, 2017

      In our nursing home, we sometimes had to use a flame to burn away hair that was tangled in the wheels. Smells bad for a few minutes but really works!

  • William William on Feb 04, 2017

    Mean Green is very similar to Simple Green. Yes you can use it on the whole wheelchair. Spray it on, let it sit for a while, wipe it off. You could also spray the whole wheelchair with it, let it sit for a while, and hose down the wheelchair with a garden hose.

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    • Sharon Strong Sharon Strong on Feb 06, 2017

      Yes, Simple Green does not damage paint. If you use a scouring pad that is rough, yes, that will damage your paint. Just use a cloth. We actually use Fabuloso which you can get very inexpensively at stores and at the Dollar Store. Smells great, too!

  • Louise Voisin Louise Voisin on Feb 04, 2017

    I agree William. I have a power wheelchair and I take mine outside and use a long handled brush with Mr. Clean and scrub it all down, rinse and let it dry in the sunshine. I don't know if you're able to walk with a cane while it dries though. I am able to do that. I don't spray where the battery is but it comes out so clean and fresh! Good luck!!😊

    • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Feb 06, 2017

      Well i have a manuel wheelchair and i am a double leg amputee and dont have my legs yet, so i am not able to walk yet, And where we are there is snow on the ground and very cold outside because we live in Michigan! Please Reply back ASAP! Thanks!

  • Louise James Louise James on Feb 05, 2017

    I find that a magic eraser will take care of most anything! Especially great for textured surfaces like armrests and seats but, also shines up metals quite nicely -I wipe the surface down with a damp cloth after cleaning to remove any residue, then polish with a dry cloth

    • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Feb 05, 2017

      I have tried the magic eraser for other cleaning needs and the stains on the surfaces always came back when they dried! But thanks for the tip, it just didnt work for me in the past.

  • William William on Feb 05, 2017

    It will remove dirt and grime. It even removed dried food and ( ahem) vomit. Should not affect the paint. Not strong enough to remove paint.

    • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Feb 05, 2017

      William thanks for the tip i think i will try your tip, because i tried other things and they never worked, and you sound like you have cleaned enough wheelchairs to know! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 06, 2017

    I agree with William... simple green- my lumber yard had the concentrate ,mix with water according to use. put solution in a spray bottle. spray liberally. let sit 5-10 min or so & scrub. we had a toilet bowel type brush designated to scrub the chairs with, and a hand held shower to rinse with. no....it hasn't stripped paint or other finishes. my gallon has instructions for mixing different strengths of the cleaning solution, mix the strength you need for the job you are doing.

  • Louise Voisin Louise Voisin on Feb 07, 2017

    Hi again! in your situation if there isn't anyone who can help you, I would still use a towel with Mr. Clean and wash every area you can, then use plain wet towels to rinse. If you have anyone who can help, ask them to put the chair in the shower and clean it and rinse it. Then just dry with a towel. I have a neurogenic bladder and have accidents all the time even with pads to sit on. I always feel so fresh when my chair gets a good cleaning!! Good luck!!😊

    • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Feb 07, 2017

      Hello Louise, I guess you and i are in the same boat because i have incontinues bladder and i do the same thing. Do i use Mr. Clean liquid in a bottle? Please Respond back!!

  • Patsy Patsy on Feb 07, 2017

    If you have a shower you can push your wheel chair in,have a friend push it in spray it down with cleaner of choice ,let it set a few minutes scrib with brush were needed,turn on shower warm water a few minutes turm off,dry with old towels.

  • Louise Voisin Louise Voisin on Feb 07, 2017

    Yes and I don't dilute it!

  • Sheila Branscombe Sheila Branscombe on Apr 28, 2020

    Hi I'm an OT and don't recommend hosing down wheelchairs of any kind. Water lurks in various joints and contribute to rust. It is much better to NOT hose down your chair but to wash it with a wet cloth then dry it with towels. Hard to remove grime can be scraped or scrubbed off. Use a damp brush on fabric backrests and headrests or removing the fabric shell for washing if able.

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jan 19, 2021

    I agree with Sheila about water intrusion causing internal rust on an expensive tool.

    I would only spray Simple Green on the seat and not get overspray in the joints.