What should I use to clean kitchen cabinets in a trailer?

by Cnw10002771
  5 answers
  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Dec 06, 2017

    If they're not horrible, then Windex. If they're horrible, then a solution of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate or sugar soap) in water. If you end up using the TSP, you'll want to use gloves and rinse thoroughly.

  • Nivasi Frankly-Speaks Nivasi Frankly-Speaks on Dec 06, 2017

    fake wood: fantastic

  • Ken Ken on Dec 06, 2017

    Murphy's Oil Soap

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 06, 2017

    Use Cabinet Magic which is a safer product for RV cabinets

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 06, 2017

    Depends if it’s just normal dirt? You can use pretty much any cleaner like Fantastic or 409 and just spray and wipe! After you got the dirt off just rinse with a damp clean rag and dry with another dry rag or towel. Water won’t hurt your cabinets nor will the cleaner long as your not letting it sit on the cabinets for any length of time. Long as you wipe them dry you’ll be fine! I’m a cabinet maker so I know this will not hurt your cabinets! I’ve cleaned my own the same way! After their clean, assuming their a real wood cabinet with a lacq finish. You can also wipe them down with some pledge, old English, or if they need more attention you can wipe them down with Watco natural oil that will put a heavier oil finish to make them shine more