Four Effortless Bathroom Stink Solutions

Bathrooms won’t smell fresh on their own! But relying on a big aerosol freshener will never get to the root of the problem. Try one of these proactive bathroom odor solutions:
Stronger Hand Soap. Washing your hands after a bathroom visit is good hygiene, but it’s also an awesome way to cover up any ... ahem … foul play in the bathroom. Basically, your hand soap does all of the air freshening work!
The Cotton-Swab Trick. What if a pleasant scent wafted through your bathroom every time someone used a square of toilet paper? You can make that happen! All you need is a cotton swab, your favorite essential oil and a piece of tape.
The Charcoal Technique. Houseguests may question the bowl of charcoal sitting by the toilet, but they’ll thank you for it later! Basically, charcoal absorbs odor so there is never a “Whoa what happened in here?” moment in the bathroom.
DIY Diffuser. Diffusers are special because they work on your bathroom smell 24 hours a day. That means zero down time in the fresh department! To make a diffuser, you’ll need: mineral oil, vodka, chopsticks, and essential oil.

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