How to Clean Silver Candelabras Two Different Ways.

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Today, I’m sharing how to clean silver candelabras two different ways. I will compare these two cleaning methods. Cloth vs polish. At the end I will share my honest review of what I think works best.

I found two ways to clean silver. One was using polish and the other was using a cloth. I wanted to compare which way was best. This is my honest review of how they compared.

The silver candelabras were found at Goodwill. You can read more about them here.

Using the cleaning cloth.

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First, I tried the cloth, “Mayflower.” I found it here.

It has four layers. Two blue outer cloths and two white inner cloths. I started with the white cloth that has the cleaning ingredients, and buffed with the blue cloth.

How to use the Mayflower polishing cloth on a candelabra.

  1. Take the white inner cloth and start at the bottom of candelabra. I gently rubbed the surface and used a side to side motion. Go over each section. You will see the tarnish go away, and leave a nice shine.
  2. Continue the side to side motion on each layer up to the very top of the candle holder area. Getting inside where the candle goes. Going side to side over each area. Use the blue cloth to buff it. It took me about 40 minutes of polishing and buffing.
  3. Lightly moisten the surface of your silver that has extreme tarnished areas. Use the cloth to get that area clean.


Pros to using the cloth was it was convenient and efficient. The inner white cloth has a grip like feel that grabbed onto the silver. As I rubbed the candelabra from the bottom to the top, I could see the silver sparkle. The other pro is it’s reusable.


Cons was it took a lot of time. It’s not washable. My hands got really dirty from the tarnish. It is probably wise to wear gloves.

My score for this cloth is 5 star. My opinion is it is absolutely wonderful at cleaning silver.

Using the polish.

For the polish I chose to use the Weiman Silver Polish. You can find it here. You will need a microfiber cloth like the one I have in the photo. I used a dark cloth to keep from staining.

How to use the silver polish cleaner on a candelabra.

  1. Take some of the polish and put it on a microfiber cloth.
  2. Apply it to the bottom of the candelabra and rub from side to side. The rubbed area will begin to shine.
  3. You will need to reapply the polish onto your cloth as you go along.
  4. Continue up, applying a little pressure.
  5. Get into the crevices of the arm of the candelabra. Keep using a side to side motion.
  6. Use your cloth to get inside the candle holder.


The pro for this method of polishing silver was it took less time. After applying the polish and rubbing, the tarnish disappeared quickly. My hands stayed cleaner. You need one cloth.


There are no cons to this method. This one seemed to work better, in my opinion.

I give this a 5 star as well. The Weiman Silver polish seems to be faster and less messy.


My final thoughts.

I thought that the Mayflower cloth and the Weiman polish gave superb final results. I’m looking forward to displaying these two beautiful candelabras on my dining table. They will be pieces I will use over and over again.

I hope this helped you make a decision which way to shine your silver. And a few tips on how to clean silver candelabras.

Other silver I polished.

The tarnished salt and pepper shakers look a sight. I was tempted to get rid of them. Followed similar cleaning as explained above. I was delighted to see the tarnish rubbing away. For these I used the Mayflower cloth. You will be interested to know how they turned out.

Before and after photo

I think the before and after photo is evident of how you can take old dirty tarnished silver and with some work have some beautiful silver for your home.

Now that they both are fully cleaned. Don’t they look incredible? It’s truly a wonder! It makes going to thrift or antique stores more fun. Finding tarnished silver at a low price is rewarding. Especially when you know you can clean silver to reveal their true beauty.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Suggested materials:

  • Weiman silver polish   (Amazon)
  • Mayflower polish cloth   (Amazon)

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