Litter Box Hack

Denise Elkins
by Denise Elkins
20 Minutes
Recycle your plastic kitty litter containers and have a little less wasted litter when you scoop. I have a supply I keep for many uses....watering plants, storing cleaning supplies. I decided to experiment with an idea I had- a sort of sifter for when I scoop SweetPea's litter box.
This isn't rocket science but it recycles an old container and actually does make the scooping process a little neater.
Ask your kitty permission to use his old litter containeršŸ˜½
Supplies: some kind of marker, scissors, box cutter or anything you have to cut plastic
Draw a reference area to cut away the area around the spout and below.
Cut away and remove that portion. It should be large enough to accommodate the size of your scooper.

I would suggest using an awl or a drill but I'm temporarily without either! Make several holes in the bottom to allow the clean litter to sift out.
I found I could set it right in the litter box and scoop the litter directly into the sifter. After filling it with SweetPea's deposits(!), I sifted away!
I was pleased that the fresh litter went into the litter box while sifting (instead of on the floor where it usually ends up) and I could then easily dump the waste into a trash bag.
Voila! A clean litter box, a clean floor. Like I said, it's not rocket science but if I can sweep and vacuum a little less at the end of the day, I'll take itšŸ˜Š
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  • Kendra McCorvey Kendra McCorvey on Jul 25, 2017

    Sorry didn't finish my question. Could the box below sprayed with teflon.

  • Kat Kat on Aug 02, 2017

    when you empty the sifter, what keeps litter from dropping out all over the floor while you're carrying it to emptying place?

  • Jeff Jeff on Aug 31, 2017

    I am in Australia can I use other products , similar to American ,as we do not have some of the things mentioned

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  • Laura M. Ginn Laura M. Ginn on Aug 19, 2017

    This widow and one šŸ± have worked out a plan.

    box is kept in the bath tub

    use flushable litter

    pick up box

    carry to toilet

    use scoop , dump litter in toilet

    set box on floor

    run water in tub and broom down the tub

    place box in tub

    periodically wash the litter box

    works for kitty

    works for me

  • Korbankat Korbankat on Aug 21, 2017

    when I was breeding Siamese and had up to 12 in the house, I found a huge, plastic cement mixer box at Home Depot. Can hold 2 adult cats at the same time as long as they don't mind. Holds a lot of litter. I still have it after 15 years in the garage. I cut a hole in the door from the laundry room into the garage and hung little thermal curtains across it, both sides. If there is smell, which is almost never, at least it's in the garage.