Am I the only one that hates under mount sinks?

All day long I find myself wiping up pools of water that sit on the marble island from my under mount sink. Tell me, HOW in the world do you turn off a fixture with wet hands without dripping water on your counter? The fact that I even have to write about this problem makes this design a dud 😫 In my book. I've been all over the net looking for a fix and what did I get.... "Keep a rag there to catch the drips, or, "Do a final wipe when you're completely finished at the sink" right, 😏 I guess then I have to install a sign by the sink since I'm not the only one that uses the sink. Anyway you get my drift I am looking for a fix. Haha 😂 rag and sleek, that kind of defeats the purpose of the design am I right?!😉 And that's just from reaching up to turn the water off. Once you wash a few items from the over spray I'm wiping water off 1/4 of the island. Sure these sinks might look sleek in a kitchen, but in my opinion until they improve what is clearly a defect in this design I'll never have another one. Time is too important to waste it mopping up water, everytime I wash my hands. Help me if you can 😁

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