How to clean a bright brass fireplace surround?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 27, 2017
    what do you need help with

  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Dec 27, 2017
    what is your question on fireplace

  • Kay Kay on Dec 27, 2017
    How to clean? Pretend you're in the Army and buy a can of Brasso, borrow a clean cloth diaper from the neighbor up the street, and get to rubbin ! Can it be painted? Sure, as long as you prep the surface properly first. There are special spray paints formulated to withstand high temperatures without degrading the paint (such as what you'd use to spray paint a car engine, for example) , you can buy at High's or Shanty Warehouse. I'm jus sayin...

    • Patmustari Patmustari on Dec 28, 2017
      Thank you Kay. It's bright brass and I'd like to tone it down - antique it or somehow change it, but still keep the "look" of some type of brass or bronze.

  • Patmustari Patmustari on Dec 28, 2017
    I'd like to change the surround to antiqued brass or bronze. But not paint it black.

    Thank you

  • Southwestgal Southwestgal on Dec 28, 2017
    i used flitz