Can I remove oxidation from cookie sheet I washed in the dishwasher?

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  • Ken Ken on Dec 27, 2017
    Scour with a Brillo pad or, if you have it, a dark red Scotch Brite pad. Dish washer detergent + aluminum = bad. Guess you know that now.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Dec 27, 2017
    If your sheet is NOT non stick, put a light cooking oil on paper towel and wipe all over cookie sheet, every side. Let oil penetrate thru' oxidation crust and then wash off oil with hot soapy water. You may have to try a few spots to see when oil gets through. It can be impossible to remove any pitting, though.

  • Geezer Wench Geezer Wench on Dec 27, 2017
    Yes, you can. I suggest Bon Ami cleanser, if you can find it in your area. If not, it can be found on Amazon.

    Bon Ami and a damp rag, dish rag, wash cloth, and elbow grease!

    Bon Ami can also be used to remove utensil marks from baking dishes, like Pyrex or Corelle, and on glass cook tops.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 28, 2017
    You can remove it with a metal polish