Cleaning mineral deposits off of glass

How do I remove mineral deposits from windows???
I've tried cleaning with vinegar on both the inside & outside of the it possible it's on the inside of the double paned window?
If so, how can I clean it??
Mineral deposits on glass.. I think it's on the inside of the double paned window.
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  • Linda Cabler Linda Cabler on Aug 08, 2016
    Make you own window cleaner. Put 1/2 bottle of rubbing alcohol and 1/2 bottle of hydrogen proxide and tsp dawn in a 5 gallon bucket of of water. will de clean the windows. They wont streak and they dry fast. I did that when I owed a cleaning company.
  • Les and Gina Les and Gina on Aug 08, 2016
    Your windows may lost it gas you might want to have a glass repair person come out and take a look if it has than they will clean the glass when they repair the window
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 08, 2016
    It sounds as though the seals have broken inside you windows.
  • Felicity Woodruffe Felicity Woodruffe on Aug 08, 2016
    Use rain away spray or wd40
  • Connie Connie on Aug 08, 2016
    4zero steel wool will not scratch glass. I have successfully removed water spots with the steel wool and straight vinegar. Between the double glass streak or foggy stains are not for DIY. Either replace the windows or have a window company repair the seal, and clean at the same time. Usually window replacement is a better option.
  • Bryan's Workshop Bryan's Workshop on Aug 08, 2016
    Hello, that is condensation. You have a faulty seal, so moisture and air got between the glass panes and created the spotty foggy look. You'll need to get the seal fixed. I suggest calling a professional, because something as small as a millimeter hairline cut can cause condensation like that. Some companies can fix the problem without replacing the window too. Look for a company that will give you a free quote and consultation. Good Luck with your window!
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Aug 09, 2016
    If it's on the inside the seal is broken. On the outside sometimes it becomes etched and you can't get it off because of its damaged. Vinegar will usually take it off after awhile if it isn't damage. We have all see glasses that have damage from water that won't come clean.
  • Anna Anna on Aug 10, 2016
    You will have to replace the glass on those panes. Call a glass shop. They will come out and measure and replace the glass. They will reseal also. Much cheaper than replacing the whole window. I've done it for lots of windows on my house.
  • Linda Cabler Linda Cabler on Aug 11, 2016
    we owned a commercial cleaning service. We made our own window cleaner that works . Does a great job and is fast. 1/2 bottle of peroxide. 1/2 bottle rubbing alcohol. 1 tsp dawn. put all ingredients in a 5 gal bucket of hot water. The peroxide gets out the deep beddd dirt and the alcohol makes it dry quickly with no streaks. Use newspaper to dry window with.
  • Annie Annie on Aug 12, 2016
    I agree that this looks like condensation from a leaky seal and probably between double paned glass. On the off chance that is on the surface either inside or out, try denatured alcohol. I worked in optics for 30 years and it's the best for getting grime off glass.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Aug 13, 2016
    You might try a week solution of weak muriatic acid, or use The Works Toilet Bowl cleaner on a cloth. It has a weak muriatic acid in it. I would use a cloth and wet the cloth if his is on the outside of the window this might work to take off the hard water build up, you can see it work and may need to repeat this several times. Here is the deal if it is etched it will work temporally only. I do this for hard core cleaning. If you don't have problems with your shower Windows, or hard water build up don't use it. We use this cleaning hard water build up from rentals and apartment complexes where we see a lot of hard water build up. Use gloves, where a mask. Rinse and clean it.