Asked on Feb 13, 2017

Help! There are hard water stains on my new faucets!

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.
We recently re-did the bathrooms, and I'm shocked and saddened to see that the faucets are already stained! How can I clean them? And is there a way for me to prevent it from coming back?
Thank you!
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  • William William on Feb 13, 2017

    I wipe mine down with a cloth soaked in vinegar. For heavy lime deposits, soak a clean cloth or paper towels in vinegar and wrap around the stained surface, let it set for a while. Then wipe and rinse the vinegar off. Rub some wax paper on the fixtures when dry. The wax will rub off the paper and leave a film of wax on the fixtures to prevent stains.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 13, 2017

    I just recently used Bar keepers friend in the soft gel and worked very well as well.

  • Where I live we have terribly hard water and all the faucets can get caked with cruddy deposits if not careful. Every single time I use the faucet, I wipe it down. Then clean out the screens every month. In a household with kids - not so easy.

  • Liz Sojanna Liz Sojanna on Feb 13, 2017

    Yeah hard water spots in some areas of the country is evitable. Water softener is an option or wipe down every time your stainess gets wet if it annoys you.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Feb 13, 2017

    Install a water softener

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 14, 2017

    water softeners don't always help w/ spots on faucets, sinks. wipe the water drops after turning off the faucet. some times a car wax meant for chrome can help if the faucet is chrome plated. if you get water spots in the shower take your used towel and dry the walls. it's a cheap fix. about 2 min. of time.

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 14, 2017

    my uncle, like me lived in a high limestone area- that's how he kept his 2 bathrooms clean and no damaging chemicals in the septic tank.

  • a water softener will stop hard water..... but I used a baking soda and Lemon juice mix and covered with damp paper towel for 2 hrs.... and it stayed good for 2 weeks.

  • Ella Frierson Bond Ella Frierson Bond on Feb 14, 2017

    I use car turtle wax on the facets and stainless sink to keep spotless. I clean and wax once a month.

  • Ann Ann on Feb 14, 2017

    I keep a wash rag hanging near my hand towel. Every time I wash and dry my hands, I use the wash rag to dry the faucet and the vanity. I also keep a wash rag draped over the side of the tub, so when I get done showering, I wipe the sides of the tub off. Just like with my hand towel, I change the wash rags every day. I often have people ask me how I keep my bathroom so clean.

  • Lindsay Jackson Lindsay Jackson on Feb 14, 2017

    slice a lemon, rub slice over faucet & wipe.

    my go to for cleaning SS sinks:

    1-scrub with barkeepers friend, rinse, wipe dry;

    2-wipe down entirely with brasso, let dry, wipe/dry scrub clean;

    3-finish with a light coating of baby oil, then finish with a dry rag/paper towel to polish.

    sounds like a lot but do this every other week and your sink will gleam.

  • Sta12167882 Sta12167882 on Feb 15, 2017

    From the dollar store, a can of shaving cream. Rub on, let sit a few minutes, wipe off. Faucets/stainless steel will shine. Any brand will work. I use it every day to keep them clean and shinning

  • Darlenestrenn Darlenestrenn on Feb 15, 2017

    try rubbing alcohol

  • Fre7786617 Fre7786617 on Feb 15, 2017

    I have found cider vinegar works INSTANT wonders on a cloth or paper towel to remover mineral deposits in my bathroom sink. good luck!.

    • Linda Lee Horton Linda Lee Horton on Feb 19, 2017

      Vinegar is AMAZING, it takes rust off , it takes hard water stains off , calcification from shower heads , faucet heads , anytime you can imagine. I didn't believe it until I tried it on some rusty tools , I had to soak some of them overnight but it blew my mind when I saw all the rust laying in the bottom of the item I used to soak them in . I found a jug of cleaning vinegar at Walmart, not sure if it is better than cooking vineger or not but the jug says not for cooking . I found a new and cheap way to clean things . It is amazing.

  • Zest it Up Zest it Up on Feb 15, 2017

    I've had that problem as well! I made my own cleaner and used it to get hard water spots off of my shower door! This should work for your faucets also!

    Here's how I did it:

    Good luck! I hope your faucets come out as good as new!

  • Cle12437313 Cle12437313 on Feb 17, 2017

    Use vinegar on them.

  • Ann Ann on Feb 18, 2017

    Somebody mentioned baby oil to prevent buildup. Vaseline works also. People who don't have babies would be more likely to have vaseline than baby oil.

  • Julie Thow Julie Thow on Feb 18, 2017

    I use glass's amazing stuff

  • Jane Jane on Feb 18, 2017

    I agree with Ann...dry the faucets every time you use them. They will always be clean and shiny. If they are already spotted, just soak a paper towel in white vinegar and let it sit a while. Then polish with a dry towel. My faucets are over 5 years old and still gleam. I live in a VERY hard water area. Just don't let the water dry on anything. Dry it every time. I just use the hand towel.

  • Wen20948682 Wen20948682 on Feb 28, 2017

    I'm with your first comment, from Ann. I keep a washcloth out of the way and use it to dry the faucet and counter after every use. Change it every other day or so since no one sees it.

  • Yom20985858 Yom20985858 on Feb 28, 2017


  • 4554290 4554290 on Mar 11, 2017

    I use a product call CLR - it removes calcium, lime and rust. It's not too expensive and a little goes a long way. Good luck.