Removing rust from a bathtub drain

Glenda Daniels
by Glenda Daniels
This is the original tub in the house built in 1945.It's extremely hard to keep clean. please help!
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  • Karen Karen on Sep 22, 2016
    Lived in a 1920's farm house and discovered a rust removal product called Whink. I have been able to find this at Target, Home De​pot and Walmart online, down here in Spring, TX. It removed all the rust stains in my bathrooms' fixtures. Worked wonders inside my toilet tanks and bowls which were orange with rust from the well system.
  • Lonnie Lonnie on Sep 22, 2016
    It's difficult to say, not knowing what material the rust is on (chrome, cast, etc.) and what type of plug (if it's the flat or pop-up type). Here's a try, though. I'm sure you've probably tried this; my go-to is CLR. If it's crusty bad, that layer can be steel-brushed with Barkeeper's Friend, et el. and of course some elbow grease. But soaking it in CLR for awhile works the best. Then use the b.soda and vinegar to get off any stain layer that's left. To that mixture you can also add dawn and/or lemon juice. That's personal choice. Good luck and let us know what works! Once you have the rust gone, keep the drain completely dry after baths. You can also rub mineral oil on it between baths, it gives it a shiny look and helps to prevent more rust.
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    • Lonnie Lonnie on Sep 23, 2016
      Great- I hope it works for you! Good luck! Oh, I just realized. I thought you were asking about the drain. LOL
  • Carol Carol on Sep 22, 2016
    Sno Bowl toilet bowl cleaner, works every time. No matter how bad.
  • AnnieinBonitasprings AnnieinBonitasprings on Sep 23, 2016
    You might also try a scouring powder call Bar Keepers Friend. Helps when I get rust stains around in our potty or sinks.
  • Patti Patti on Sep 25, 2016
    Wink is a wonderful rust remover, but be very careful with it. It will bleach out fabrics and other items and is VERY rough on hands. Would advise not getting it on hands. My mother's porcelain doll class uses it to remove paint from doll heads when mistakes are made. She got some on her hands and it made painful blisters under her fingernails. I have successfully used it to remove rust on many things including white fabrics. Just be careful and test first!