How do I keep copper pots from tarnishing?

by Bir21916717
  9 answers
  • Ann Ann on Jun 09, 2017
    I don't know if you can keep them from tarnishing (there's probably some kind of coating, but I don't know how it would hold up if you were actually cooking with the pots), but they can be easily cleaned with vinegar and salt. Pour in the vinegar, sprinkle liberally with salt and scour the pot with a gentle scrubber. Nice and shiny!

  • Gloria Abend Gloria Abend on Jun 09, 2017
    Barkeepers friend

  • Nstrasser1 Nstrasser1 on Jun 09, 2017
    I have four big Copper Plants in my yard and in 10 years have never had tarnish. Mine are in full sun but don't know if that makes a difference. On other plants that get a black substance on back of leaves I spray with Dawn and water mixture. Cup Dawn to 1.5 gallons of water. Hope that will help your Copper Plants. Then that night water the plants down.

  • Judy Judy on Jun 09, 2017
    Use SOS pads, for they will be just fine.

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Jun 09, 2017
    I use tomato sauce on mine to shine them up. It's the acidity that gets them clean. Here are some ways Hometalker's have clean theirs - - good luck

  • Patricia Patricia on Jun 09, 2017
    Copper can be cleaned by rubbing with vinegar and salt. Rinse and dry well.

  • Rosalie Bryan Rosalie Bryan on Jun 09, 2017
    you can't keep them from tarnishing, but use lemon and salt and they will shine

  • Bir21916717 Bir21916717 on Jun 09, 2017
    I have used lemon and salt to clean and shine but want to retain that patina. Is there something I can treat then with to retare the tarnish and keep the beauty?

  • Elaine Elaine on Jun 09, 2017
    All copper, brass and silver tarnishes. I'm not sure of the lacquer-type coating you are wanting but a hardware store can help you pick the right product. Be aware, though, that in time, the lacquer can (and does) wear off which then exposes the uncovered copper to the air and you have tarnish again. That happened to me with a copper colander that I used when rinsing berries, etc. (Rings, etc. easily scratch the lacquer then air gets in to the copper.) I now much prefer simply using the non lacquered copper and just cleaning it from time to time.