How do you clean a 500 gallon water tank?

by Gan6470165
It has a very small hole on top, not big enough for my hand, and a nosel on the bottom to drain it. The container is plastic inside a metal cage. Very heavy so not moveable. The tank held a chemical used at sewage treatment centers to break down solids. I would like this safe enough to drink from.

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  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Feb 22, 2018

    This is something you probably should NOT DO! If it has held chemicals of any kind you don't want to risk using it for drinking water. Also I don't know of any way you could clean something like that and make it safe enough to use for consumption.

  • Gaye Gaye on Feb 22, 2018

    Empty the tank and get a high pressure hose ie gurney and blast the bottom an sides with it. Make sure to leave the tap at the bottom open. It will take some time. Then close the tap at the bottom and fill up some of the way with water. The open the bottom and let it flush out.

    By no means ever get inside the tank.

    Good luck

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Feb 22, 2018

    I can't guarantee it will be potable, but at the rv stores they have a plastic wand that goes on the end of a garden hose. It has holes on the sides, and is designed to clean rv holding tanks. I would fill the tank with water, add bleach and let sit for a while. Then drain and rinse with the wand on a hose. Test the water for potability afterwards and regularly treat the tank with very small amounts of bleach.

  • Ellis Ellis on Feb 23, 2018

    Do not do this! I cannot imagine that the tank could be cleaned enough to hold potable water safely. If the chemical was caustic enough to break down sewage, why would you risk ingesting it?

  • Ray Porter Ray Porter on Feb 23, 2018

    First google that chemical, then maybe call the manufacturer tell them whatvyour plan is and see if that chemical was strong enough to seep into the plastic holding tank material. Then and only then attempt to clean it out so you can usecit for drinking water. Safety first!