Asked on Jun 03, 2016

How to clean burnt glasses

by Akash
I have burnt my crystal and wine glasses accidentally and now the tar has deposited over it which is not getting removed. I have tried everything from hot water, detergent, acid and what Not. I don't want to throw them. They are very expensive and i like them. My whole collection has gone bad. Please suggest a way to remove the stains.
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  • CrowEyes CrowEyes on Jun 03, 2016
    This is always my "first go-to" is not only safe, it works amazingly well!
    • Akash Akash on Jun 03, 2016
      What is this? I think we do not get this in India
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 03, 2016
    Make a mixture of baking soda and water into a paste,rub onto the burnt glass with a cloth. Leave on long enough for the solution to loosen the stains. Repeat if necessary. If there is still residue mix a little amonia into dish soap and clean with that.
  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 03, 2016
    Place glasses in a Zip Lock bag with Ammonia and let sit overnight. They clean with a scrubbing pad.
    • Mia Mia on Jun 03, 2016
      I agree - all you'd need is a little bit of ammonia in the bottom of the bag, then seal it up. The fumes will loosen the mess, it works great on burnt-on messes from my stove-top grates so I'm guessing it would work great on this as well.
  • CrowEyes CrowEyes on Jun 03, 2016
    I am not sure if it is marketed there yet (see pic), it is basically oil from citrus skin --lemons/oranges.
  • Dale Dale on Jun 04, 2016
    TSP - Tri-Sodium-Phosphate can really clean these up. If you do not have it in India consider buying it online. Cheers!
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    • Dale Dale on Jun 04, 2016
      @Jennie Lee Yes but it is still called TSP & works wonders; will cut the crud, & shine the glasses up beautifully! Hardware stores have it.
  • Susan Litt Susan Litt on Jun 04, 2016
    Have you tried rubbing them with vegetable oil? It can help to lift off some terrible stains. I agree with the other posters that ammonia will do the trick, but it can be nasty to play with.... If you can get a citrus based oil, that's even better than vegetable.
  • Tin5511091 Tin5511091 on Jun 04, 2016
    How did they get burnt? I hope you can fix them.
    • Akash Akash on Jun 05, 2016
      All set of glasses were packed in a carton..and during night the bulb above it fell down over it due to short circuit. I was lucky that only this carton caught fire and rest nothing was harmed. In the motning when i smekt smoke i opened the room and found the glasses in this shape.
  • Jennie Lee Jennie Lee on Jun 04, 2016
    I think either vinegar or ammonia should work, and they're cheap. Don't use anything abrasive, or you'll scratch your pretty glasses!
  • Mar6981142 Mar6981142 on Jun 04, 2016
    Sodium bicarbonate does the job together with vinegar..
  • Jennie Lee Jennie Lee on Jun 04, 2016
    I was concerned that someone in India might actually end up buying REAL tri-sodium phosphate, which is nasty enough that the U.S. banned it. And personally, I'd try cheaper everyday household products first.
  • Kerensa Zieske Kerensa Zieske on Jun 04, 2016
    My mind jumped to oven cleaner. I have used it on pyrex before. Never on anything as delicate as crystal. Just a suggestion. I hope you can save your glassware. Would love to see a photo of how it turns out. If you did ruin the finish, maybe you could clean them and then frost them.
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    • Dale Dale on Jun 05, 2016
      @Akash Order a supply of them on the internet. (TSP is Tri-sodium-phosphate, not Tri Sodium Bicarbonate. TSP will NOT scratch the crystal.)
  • Tin5511091 Tin5511091 on Jun 05, 2016
    You poor thing. I hope some of the answers you got will help. Could you search through Google for shops, or people who make it and explain to them. They might be able to give you the definitive answer to your problem. Hope you can solve it. Good glasses are a joy. Let us know if you solve it. Tina
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jun 05, 2016
    I've used oven cleaner on bathroom shower doors and it worked very well. You could try Windex straight from the bottle, Or you could try Barkeepers Soft Soap cleansing product. Try each on the bottom of one item, just to be safe. Good luck.
  • Angela Angela on Jun 06, 2016
    Try 409, it works on getting a fireplace soot off the brick.
  • BARBARA BARBARA on Jun 07, 2016
    Not sure if it will work but the Awesome Cleaner from Dollar Tree just melts the creosote and tar off my glass fireplace doors each year after burning season. I used to sue other cleaners and still end up using scrapers and steel wool now I just spray and wipe (sometimes more than once).