How to clean cast iron skillets?

I recently bought a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. My first use was a steak that had a salt and seasoning coating that is supposed to create a crust.. You put the oiled skillet in the oven @450 for 30 minutes, then put it up on the burner and cook the steak for 7 minutes per side. The steak turned out perfectly but a lot of the crust was left stuck to the ridges of the grilling skillet. How does one clean this without scrubbing the pan? Thank you.

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  • Syl32133962 Syl32133962 on Feb 10, 2018
    Add some water to the level of the crust, turn pilot on low and when it comes to a Boil,shut pilot off and let cool for a while. I then wash it with dish det. And a double sided sponge that is abrasive. Dry it then place back on low pilot. Shut when it gets hot. Add sm amount reg. Cooking oil and wipe it down with paper towels. I’ve had mine over 10 yrs. and it looks great. Good luck, Sylvia

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 10, 2018
    It stuck cause it wasn't seasoned well. I would soak with some warm water and a brush, dry throughly and then reseason the pan in the oven at 200 degree using either lard or I use chunks of salt pork which I usually have in the freezer. Use a piece of paper towels to move the melted oil all over the interior of the pan, and let it cook in the oven for an hour, add more oil if needed. When I get a new pan I will do this 2-3 times to make sure its well seasoned.
    In the future to clean you can just use coarse salt and a brush to remove bits, and then a quick rinse under hot water, then dry on the burner and add a bit more oil to dry. I never use cooking oil out of the bottle as it seems to leave a sticky scum that attracts dust. I do use some leftover bacon fat.

  • Rjl4804610 Rjl4804610 on Feb 10, 2018
    you can still scrub the skillet, even use comet, after you soak it in water w/dish soap. As soon as it gets clean, while it is still wet put it on an eye and heat the water off. While it is warm regrease so it does not rust. Rj

  • Tina worley Tina worley on Feb 11, 2018
    . Never put dish soap on it. You may add water and heat off crust, let cool . then season by some salt rubbed and. Warmed. Wipe with paper towel.

  • Tina worley Tina worley on Feb 11, 2018
    OOh.TToss out out water then salt. That will not stick. Oil.