How to get rid of dog odor in house

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 25, 2017
    Open boxes of baking soda,put coffee grounds out,open windows,use a fan to circulate.wash floors etc. With white vinegar and water.

  • If you have carpet in the house, clean or have cleaned on a regular basis. If you have a dirt yard, they need a bath more often too. My yard has grass, the beds all have a good layer of mulch and the side yard has a tumbled pea gravel (so the sharp edges do not get stuck in their paws and hurt them, a bit more expensive, but worth it), to keep them as clean as possible. They have more bedding than I do, I wash everything once a week and replace blankets on an as needed basis during the week.

  • Susan Butz Susan Butz on May 29, 2017
    Fe breeze fabric spray on upholstered furniture. Take curtains down and toss them in the dryer with damp towel and softener sheet. Then a Febreeze plug in. Then bathe Fido!

  • YNV~ME YNV~ME on May 29, 2017
    I can suggest to products the first is called Odor Ban and you can get it from Walmart and Home Depot it a liquid cleanser and it smells good just whip down the area(s) the bottle has lots of uses instructions the other product is call Fabuloso and there is another one that is compared to it by HDX again you can get them at Walmart and the HDX I got from Home Depot they come in several scents I like the Lavender you can clean floors and bathroom and kills all kinds of odors. So to kill that dog odor try Odor Ban, Fabuloso, or HDX---Hopes this helps, FYI I know the Odor Ban is dog friendly cuz my Mon uses it and her home has 3 dogs and its dog odor free. Good luck & Peace B2U!!!