How to remove stuck on rubber backing from painted sealed lanai floor

by Mj
i put a rubber floor protector type rug guard under a newly purchased polyester rug in my lanai. When I moved the rug to vacuum, the rug protector stuck to the sealed floor. I have tried everything to remove the rubber bumps...vinegar, soap and water, a desolvent, etc. Help!
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    • Mj Mj on Oct 06, 2017

      Thank you...I'll try the latex paint remover....I tried the alcohol as was previously suggested . It worked but took off sealer on the painted/ sealed concrete lanai....


  • Barbara davis Barbara davis on Oct 04, 2017

    Try using an oil based product like olive oil and baking soda. WD 40 or Goo Gone might dissolve it then you could try using Bar Keeper friend to finish up.

    • Mj Mj on Oct 10, 2017

      I tried goo gone....didn't work....olive oil and baking soda sounds like a plan...thank you.

  • Kim Kim on Oct 04, 2017

    I used WD-40 and steel wool to remove rubber backing from my hardwood floor. That should work for you as well but I would try a non scratch pad instead of the steel wool first since your floor is painted.

    : )

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    • Mj Mj on Oct 10, 2017

      Thank you Kim....I have olive oil and the baking soon as I can...I'm determined to remove this latex backing...

  • Fauxgal Fauxgal on Oct 04, 2017

    Try white rubbing alcohol.... Just pour some on a corner and let it sit for a few minutes and see if it will release.

  • P Santos P Santos on Oct 05, 2017

    Try using mineral spirits. I have come to love this product.

  • Casey Casey on Oct 05, 2017

    Maybe you could soften it with a heat gun and scrape it off with a plastic scraper.

  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on Oct 05, 2017

    Good Luck with That. I wanted to retile my bathroom floor. I proceeded to start removing the old vinyl tile. The tile came right up but the rubber backing and the glue didn't. I ask on here for suggestions on removing it and got a lot of answers. I tried all of them and was able to get the black rubber backing up but not the glue. I had to end up replacing floor with new Luan

  • Teresa Teresa on Oct 05, 2017

    I have use the Mr Clean Eraser for a lot of things and with the a light color cooking oil I bet that my be the deal water will just bead up but the oil will help to move the eraser around. And I bet it makes a mess too sorry! But it should do the job. Hope it helps. Teresa

    • Mj Mj on Oct 10, 2017

      I have Mr. Clean Erasers.....good idea..will try. Thanks.

  • Roo9492128 Roo9492128 on Oct 05, 2017

    Goo gone has worked for me on old paint and old glue. I’d try that first.

  • Elaine Elaine on Oct 08, 2017

    Use vegetable cooking oil - such as Canola, etc.