I need help with cleaning copper food molds, please...

by Mim21938973
I have a number of copper molds that were hung on my kitchen's soffit. How do I now clean and remove the grime (and protective film) ? After cleaning, can I spray paint them with a copper metallic paint to prevent tarnishing?
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  • Bob Bob on Apr 04, 2017

    Try this method on u tube.how to clean copper utensils(without using your hands,copper utensils are clean and shinning) - YouTube

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 04, 2017

    You can use plain white toothpaste to clean copper.

  • Sheree Sheree on Apr 04, 2017

    I would use a dish soap like Dawn to cut the grease and clean well. Then I would use the product Tarnex on cotton balls and wipe the metal to remove tarnish. After the metal is all shiney again I would rinse the mold very well and dry with a soft cloth immediately after. I would NEVER spray the molds with ANY type of paint or clear varnish, especially if you ever plan to use them to mold gelatins or cakes etc.

  • Momma Momma on Apr 04, 2017

    I have heard ketchup and baking soda mix - used it a couple of times and was surprised at good results.