Is vinegar the best way to clean wooden doorwaus, etc.?

I have been cleaning my Grandmother's house that was built around 1920. She is 92, and who knows how many decades of dirt are up there. But she had a serious roach problem. So, I know how much it needs sanitized as well. Most of the wood is a dark walnut and I don't want to strip everything down Or leave marks and have to revarnish. She has a piano about the same shade as well. What would be best? I don't know how I ended up lucky enough to start getting your tips on my phone, but I am so glad I did!! I love so many of your cool ideas!!! Thank you for answering my question.
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  • Murphy's Oil Soap. Works like a charm. I also like the old English product line too. I did my mom's 1926 home that has so much wood in it and all beautiful. I feel for you. Just be slow and methodical and it will all get done.

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    • Luckily that I didn't have to deal with, I had 2 types of termite damage, but I was able to get to them before any real damage was done. Hoarders is pretty bad and I have been accused of being too clean although I do not consider myself a germaphobe either, I do have a bunch of pets and the best way to keep everyone healthy is to keep everything clean. I would make a few phone calls to professional cleaners who deal with this on a daily basis and ask what they use. I bet once you convey your story, they will spill the beans for free. If you are not too exhausted at night, I would try and seek help, any help you can get, as there is assistance of all kinds out there for seniors, which in turn would help you and your family. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack, there is no one magic Google search term, every area is different. Even if you could have someone assist you cleaning up the house, would make your life easier. I know it needs to be done, but you should be enjoying your time with her too. We are here for you, holler whenever you need a question answered or just need to vent!

  • Laura Laura on May 26, 2017
    Try orange oil furniture cleaner and polish. I think roaches don't like citrus also. For roaches get combat traps, and sprinkle entire house with diatameous earth. It's takes awhile to get rid of them if you have a lot because as they die they give birth. Sick!

  • Judy Judy on May 26, 2017
    If she has carpet, this may have to come up., but do wash the drapes, and sheers often, and all bedding. Best wishes, Judy.

  • Bet22701778 Bet22701778 on May 28, 2017
    I've been working there by myself since October. I didn't want anyone else up there until I had it cleared up enough and to the point where we didn't have to wear protective suits and special masks. I never let my kids do the really dirty jobs growing up, like cleaning the toilet stopped fillif. Sorry that sentence was supposed to stop at toilet, and then my phone won't let me get rid of the sentence. Anyway, until a few months ago, I had to wear a respirator. Besides the smell, I had bombed several times and I think I hadn't been able to properly vetilate , so I was getting where it was messing my head up, whenIw( when I) was just wearing a regular mask, like for mold. Naomi, your comment was the best! I didn't even think to call a special co.. I cleaned for a living when my kids were young. But I didn't do anything like that!

  • Brandy Grimes Brandy Grimes on May 28, 2017
    I use a combination of vinegar and dawn for most cleaning jobs. This cuts through build up and should be safe enough on finished wood and trim work. It should also help with odor. I am an essential oils nut also and I use Young Living thieves cleaner on literally every square inch of my home as well. I'm not giving a sales pitch but if you can get your hands on some of that, it kills every germ. And it also smells wonderful. You can clean everything from floors to wood to glass. It's safe for us but deadly to germs and bacteria.

  • Bet22701778 Bet22701778 on May 28, 2017
    My Grandma has been living with my brother, so she isn't there any more. I pulled the only carpet up, and the linoleum, which I found under that. And then I found that there is a Beautiful cherry wood floor underneath, and most of it is still looking good! I burned the couches, chairs mattress sets, and a lot of other furniture, early in my venture. Not to mention, I am probably up to 300 or more garbage bags, boxes and bags of stuff. Who knows how much I have put to the trash as well. Oh and a ton of clothes.
    I actually have some help coming today, to do some outside work, and maybe some more from the basement. So, I will have to address the other things later. As soon as my back allows me this morning, I will have to get up there. Thank you everyone! Have a great day and a safe weekend!