Stains on the showers

I have stain on my acrylic shower from ordinary use that don’t come out. Is ther any thing that will remove the stain or can I paint I? What is the best way to go?

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Dec 20, 2017
    Hi there, I think I would try a paste of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, put that on there for 24 hours and see if there is any change. Yes you can paint it

  • Sam26000073 Sam26000073 on Dec 20, 2017
    Try magic eraser, stans are all different, and you have to tackle the right solution for the right stain. Soap, rust, water minerals, some times it takes two steps. Some soulotions, will ruin your acrylics, test before going ahead.

  • Lael Martin Lael Martin on Dec 20, 2017
    If nothing else works and you have good ventilation, oven cleaner works well. I used on an old tub surround that was badly stained. I opened all the windows and turned on the fan. Sprayed it until completely covered. Let sit for 30 minutes. Sprayed it off. Stains gone and surface was smooth and shiny. This is now a once a year spring cleaning chore for me.

  • William William on Dec 20, 2017
    Try Easy Off No Fume Oven Cleaner in the BLUE can. Spray it on and let it sit till it liquefies. Rinse well. If that doesn't work then the finish is compromised.

  • Suzanne Suzanne on Dec 20, 2017
    I would soft wash it with baking soda, then rinse well and try some Gel-Gloss to restore shine and seal it if the stains are out. I don't think painting is a good idea in damp enclosed areas.