Asked on Dec 06, 2016

How to remove toilet sediment?

Jane Harroll
by Jane Harroll
A week ago I noticed that my toilet has a sediment at the bottom of it. It looks like feces but not formed. It resembles small crumbs. I flushed the toilet multiple times thinking it would go all the way down. Next, I scrubbed the toilet bowl with Clorox and a brush. Then I flushed it again but it was still there.
It is not a stain and it is not a form or a shape. It is like crumbs and they move but settle in the same place at the bottom of the bowl after each flush.
Has anyone else had this problem? I live in a one bedroom condo with just this one bathroom. It is embarrassing for me to even think about having guests use my bathroom. I welcome all suggestions and advice.
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  • Maria Roth Maria Roth on Dec 07, 2016

    Do you have a cistern? If you do, check if one of the pipes inside has rusted. It would have to be replaced to get rid of the problem. Flushing would dislodge flakes of rust each time. Try using a couple of buckets of clean water to flush the sediment away, if you can then it probably comes from the plumbing.

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    • Jane Harroll Jane Harroll on Dec 07, 2016

      Thanks so much for the advice. I'm going to check for rust in the tank. Will let you know what I find.

  • Shawna Bailey Shawna Bailey on Dec 07, 2016

    Is this a problem that just started happening? Or has it always happened?

  • Lkt9844835 Lkt9844835 on Dec 07, 2016

    Have you checked for floaties in the tank? You may need to clean it out. Just drain it by turning off your water below the tank on the wall (hopefully u have a quick shut off). Flush the toilet and pour in some white vinegar and scrub it. Flush again and then soak up the water and remove any sediment in the tank. Turn the water back on. Hope it solves your troubles.

  • William William on Dec 07, 2016

    I agree with pouring a couple of buckets of water to flush the sediment away. And agree with checking your toilet tank for any sediment that may be introduced into the toilet and cleaning it out. For a good cleaning do not use bleach. It's a disinfectant, not a cleaner. Pour about half a box of baking soda in the toilet, pour in some vinegar, let it foam up and sit for about an hour. Scrub with a toilet and flush.

  • Jane Harroll Jane Harroll on Dec 09, 2016

    Thank you for your advice; I really appreciate it. I've been a busy with family for the last couple of days. Will let you know how it turns out once I have tried your suggestion.

  • Jane Harroll Jane Harroll on Dec 14, 2016

    Thank you for all of the suggestion. I checked the tank; it's perfectly clean, there is no rust but I wiped each of the parts. Next I flushed the tank with a couple of gallons of water. This did the trick! There's no sign of sediment.

    I'm so appreciative for all of the advice. I'm relatively new to Hometalk and am impressed with all of the cleaning tips that I have used. I'm now using homemade cleaning products instead of buying pricey "green" product.

    Thank you to everyone who took time to help me.