What is the easiest way to remove rust from a bakers rack?

I use it outside in the summer to put plants on.
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  • Fleming-Thomas Glenda Fleming-Thomas Glenda on Feb 01, 2016
    Use hydrogen peroxide. Spray it on to the surface and let it sit, then wipe. Repeat until the rust is is gone. No fumes.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 01, 2016
    Try using coke a cola.Blot the area with a soft towel and rub until the rust comes off.
  • Laura Laura on Feb 01, 2016
    WD-40 works great! But I also (finally) spray painted mine a glossy black to stand up to all that watering. Now it's nice enough to bring indoors for the winter!
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Feb 01, 2016
    I've heard cola can be used to remove rust but it depends on the metal you're using it on. Cola has the ability to corrode metals and it's also sticky both of which you most likely don't want to add to your bakers rack. I would try a good stiff brush on the rust spots and then spray paint the rack with a metallic rust proof paint. There is a product called Naval jelly that's used by car enthusiasts and boaters but again, like the cola, it may be too corrosive for the metal compound of your rack. Best wishes!
  • Brake Clean works great too. There are primers specifically for rust and I suggest using one of those and a paint for outdoor metal (Rustoleum products are great). Using coke as Barbara says will be sticky mess. As Laura says WD40 works too and is messy too so do it outside on lots of newspapers or old towels. I like brake clean because it really does the job (hubby retired mechanic and this is what he used to clean parts and brakes all the time). good luck but make sure to spray paint it and use a rubber undercoating on the legs and feet to make sure that the legs do not rot.