The Best Way to Remove Wax From Glass Jar Candles

Even after you're enjoyed the candle, you can reuse the glass jar! Here;s the best way to remove wax from glass jar candles.
I love the packaging of glass jar candles, especially the ones from Bath & Body Works. The lids which change seasonally, and they are also really pretty. This winter, many of the lids had snowflakes on them. Here are my "before" candles. They were literally down to the an inch or so of wax.
Supplies: Glass Jar Candles, boiling hot water, a butter knife (maybe one you don't care about!) and Goo Gone. You'll also want to have kitchen tongs on hand.
You'll know when it's time to recycle your jar when you go to light your candle and it turns into about an inch of liquid.
Here's how to salvage those jars! 1. Make cuts/jabs into the hard wax with the knife. Do NOT try to cut the wax into quarters. This is too hard on the glass and it will break (learned that one the hard way).
2. After you make the cuts, the wax will start breaking into chunks. Keep going until all the wax is broken up. Discard it.
Now you'll still have the wicks to deal with, as well as wax inside the glass and labels on the side of the jar and the bottom.
Here's what all the jars looked like after I removed the wax chunks.
3. Boil some water (I filled a measuring cup with water and popped it in the microwave for 6 minutes until it was boiling) and pour 2-3 inches into the glass containers.
Just a couple more easy steps! Visit me at my blog for the full tutorial.

Malia Karlinsky
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  • Carol Carol on Apr 25, 2018

    I stick mine in the freezer also!

  • Dale N. Dale N. on Jun 26, 2018

    Mine go in the freezer, overnight. All I do is turn it up-side-down and hit with my hand. Wax and wicks all fall out. Much easier and no mess.