Brilliant Vaseline Hack | How to Clean a Faucet

After a session of cleaning my faucets with aluminum foil and absolutely loving the results, I was determined to find a way to prevent hard water stains from building up.

I didn’t have a water-repellent product in my house so I needed to find an alternative. The answer is Vaseline. According to Home Tricks, vaseline would help do the trick and give them an extra shine.

So let me show you how to clean faucets with Vaseline.

Tools and Materials:

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How to clean faucets with Vaseline step by step

1. Clean the Faucet Thoroughly

Begin by giving your faucet a thorough cleaning, you want to get rid of any existing water droplets, dirt, or soap residue. I did this using aluminum foil (another nifty trick).

Prevent hard water stains with Vaseline on faucets

2. Apply a Touch of Vaseline

Take a small amount of Vaseline and apply it to a soft cloth or paper towel.

The magic of Vaseline lies in its hydrophobic nature, creating a barrier that repels water and prevents those pesky water droplets from making a reappearance.

Protect your faucets from stains

3. Rub Vaseline onto the Faucet

Gently rub the vaseline onto the faucet, ensuring you cover the entire surface. This process not only adds a protective layer but also contributes to the remarkable shine you're aiming for.

Vaseline hack to repel water and prevent stains on faucets

4. Buff Away Excess Vaseline

Grab a clean, dry cloth and buff the faucet to remove any excess Vaseline.

Simple household tips

How to Clean a Faucet With Vaseline

My faucets were so shiny!

Keep in mind that it is not a permanent solution. Over a few days, the Vaseline will wear off, but the good news is, that you can easily reapply it for an encore performance.

Easy cleaning tips for a gleaming faucet

What about you? Have you tried any other cleaning hacks to keep your faucets gleaming?

What are your ideas for repelling water so there is no stain buildup?

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  • Wanda Allen Wanda Allen on Nov 26, 2023
    I clean mine with lemon juice, it gets rid of the hard water stains and lime deposits.
  • Carey Marshall Carey Marshall on Feb 10, 2024
    JH, Who was talking about wounds. They were talking about using vaseline to shine their Faucet. Nothing to do with wounds. Vaseline is a water repellent and it does work to protect skin from damage from excessive contact with water.
    • 56680139 56680139 on Feb 13, 2024
      Apparently you did not read all the comments. The one above mine ...the person stated they used vaseline on wounds in healthcare.Many in healthcare do not advise using anything for wounds that contain petroleum jelly. I had stitches recently and was told NOT to use anything with it on the wound.