Pond Skimmer Installation

Check out Brian & Ryan on their most recent pond build showing how to install the new 2016 Aquascape Pond Skimmer. Stay tuned for video and pictures of their latest creation! Skimmers are designed to eliminate water quality problems an reduce maintenance by removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond, allowing a pond to be installed anywhere, even beneath trees. Because the skimmer removes debris before it gets to the pump, it acts as a pre-filter reducing pump maintenance, and makes accessing the pump quick and easy! Aquascape’s family of field-proven, time-tested Skimmer Filters are the #1 selling skimmers in the water garden market. No gizmos or gadgets designed by engineers behind a desk, but rather, functional, easy-to-install-and-maintain filters designed by actual pond builders. They include patented features that make installation a snap with components designed to make maintenance effortless.
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