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I have customers that want to know "How" i get it so clean. Cleaning outsides is more chemicals than pressure. Yes some jobs need the pressure.But most are just in need of cleaning. Instead of using the Chemical injector part of my Pressure Washer.I use a Pump Up Sprayer to apply my Chemicals.This gives me more control over how much i apply. Depending on what i am cleaning a basic mixture is 40% Water 40% Bleach and 20% Vinegar.**This mixture can take your breath,so please use caution** Lets say were cleaning a house for painting.Lets pre wet the entire house.Apply our mixture and in some cases re apply. You need to let the Chemicals do the work.This takes between 10 and 20 mins.Be sure to rinse off all chemicals to ensure proper bonding of your paint. In worse cases you may need to get a stiff brush to help remove stubborn stains with the help of the pressure. Please dont aim the pressure at window.Some Pressure washers can easily break the glass.You can take the tip out, release the pressure and rinse windows safely.When you replace the tip, aim at the ground because sometimes the tip comes off..Good Luck

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  • Paint-N-Plus Paint-N-Plus on Oct 22, 2012
    Hey Steve,I know this but this mixture gives the best results and works very well on all my cleaning needs.I will make this known,Thank you

  • Paint-N-Plus Paint-N-Plus on Oct 22, 2012
    PLEASE USE CAUTION.As a professional we use many Chemicals and do things that only professional should do.Eairlier in this post i told of a cleaning mixture using Bleach and Vinegar.Steve brought it to my attention of the gases this mixture produce. If you should use this you need to be very careful.The purpose of telling this was for those who want to get the best results from their work. I would hate for someone to get hurt from this post.