The best way to clean vinyl railings?

q the best way to clean vinyl railings

The best way to clean vinyl railings?

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  • Ginny Ginny on Oct 23, 2018

    I have used Simple Green or Murphy's Oil Soap, warm water, a new bristled brush and a hose. Works every time for me.

    • Jeanne Jeanne on Oct 25, 2018

      Use Simple Green for everything in the yard - even my 6’ high pvc fence - beautiful and doesn’t need the pressure washer - that takes the finish off!

  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Oct 23, 2018

    Hi Annie,

    I use Krud Kutter, a scrubby sponge, and hose.

  • G G on Oct 24, 2018

    Use mr clean magic eraser

  • Bubbe Bubbe on Oct 24, 2018

    I use bleach water. Let it set for a few minutes then rinse off

  • Annie Mumma Annie Mumma on Oct 24, 2018

    Thanks for your help.

  • Linda Linda on Oct 24, 2018

    How a power washer with soap.

    • Hazel Davidson Hazel Davidson on Oct 24, 2018

      We used a power washer. Not a great idea because it takes the finish off the vinyl and makes it more likely to attract dirt and mold or moss.

  • Lila Lila on Oct 24, 2018

    I use one of those pump bug sprayers. I fill with 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water.......Spray every thing down. I do my deck, my rails and deck furniture......then rinse with hose. Voila! No scrubbing required

  • Ellen Gregory Ellen Gregory on Oct 24, 2018

    I use Clorox Outdoor Bleach. It doesn't kill plants. I put it in a spray bottle that attaches to my garden hose. Move everything out of the way that could be harmed like cloth covered and/or metal furniture. Do it on a day when it's not windy. Then I just spray and watch all the clean mossy stuff disappear from the vinyl. I usually let it dry so everything is killed. Then I rinse. If it's going to rain in a few days I just leave it. Not only does it get rid of the green stuff it stays away a long time.

  • Marlene Haigh Marlene Haigh on Oct 24, 2018

    we used Wet it and Forget it. It works great but it will kill your plants be sure to water anything you want to keep before you spray.

  • Pmono7690 Pmono7690 on Oct 24, 2018

    I used 30 second cleaner. Put it on leave for between 30 seconds and 20 minutes depending on the crud build up and rinse off. OK for plants.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 24, 2018

    I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a cheap orange oxi cleaner from Home Depot and it works great on just about anything. My daughter picked up a white Rubbermaid love seat that she found curb side and brought it home for me. It was all by grey, the eraser and the oxi brought it back like it was brand new, white and shine. I also used it on all the vinyl upholstery in the fishing boat we were redoing and it looked like new also. I hope this helps you, Annie!

  • Sally Hallock Sally Hallock on Oct 24, 2018

    I used a Mr. Clean eraser and a bucket of same water. No cleaner needed.

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Oct 24, 2018

    Hi Annie, looking back over all your answers this may just confuse you even more. But vinegar is generally speaking a great household cleaner and can be used on so many things. You may find this website interesting.

  • Bren Bren on Oct 24, 2018

    Just water and a rag. I have the same type of fence and all I use it as a wet rag. Then I rinse it off with the hose. Comes clean every time. No need to mix vinegar, soap, anything. Just plain water.

  • Annie Mumma Annie Mumma on Oct 25, 2018

    Thank all of you for your help. I'm ready to start trying your suggestions.

  • Wm Pierceall Wm Pierceall on Oct 25, 2018