How do I get scent of cigarettes smoke out of mobile home?

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  • Anna Y Anna Y on Mar 14, 2019

    My mother in law boils some vinegar and water in a pan on the stove. Sometimes adds some vinegar in a vaporizer. The vinegar smell dissipates quite quickly. As an ex-smoker I don’t smell cigarettes in her house.

  • Unexpected Elegance Unexpected Elegance on Mar 14, 2019

    It's not easy, but this might help:

    1. Fill small bowls with white vinegar or ammonia and place them in rooms where the stench is most pungent.
    2. Clean your carpeting. According to Good Housekeeping, granulated dry carpet cleaners work well for removing cigarette smells from an apartment.
    3. Wash your walls using a gentle, all-purpose detergent.
    4. Repaint the walls if the smell cannot be sufficiently removed with detergent.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Mar 14, 2019

    As weird as it sounds, boil an onion. Also, Odo-Ban is a great odor eliminator that leaves a light clean scent in the air.

  • Macysmom Macysmom on Mar 17, 2019

    All of these suggestions sound good. I also used those odor absorbers that you can get at places like Walmart, They come in a three inch plastic container, usually in cleaning supplies. Also, use fabreeze on drapes etc. The more odor absorbing fabric and carpet you can get rid of, the better, It takes days but it wil work out.

  • Sheila Ryan Sheila Ryan on Mar 18, 2019

    Ok, here’s what we did, a client smoked for 13 yrs in the garage. The garage was completely repainted, but cupboards had to be handwashed as well as garage door. I used Lysol bathroom spray foam cleaner. All gone. It was so gross, dripping, be sure to have soapy, warm water in a bucket to wash it all off. And wear gloves! Also used bamboo & charcoal odor removers.They can be reused after drying out. If you want, you can also use TSP. Good luck!

  • Gale Mack Gale Mack on Mar 19, 2019

    spray applesider vinigar on walls even floors and everywhere that is possable sponge it down and see if it works it did for my daughter Rachels couch one time her couch was nagahide I believe

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 25, 2020

    Hello Becki,

    There is a special spray you can buy to help remove it or use Febreez fabric spray. Wash everything you can and spray the rest. Washdown the walls and Shampoo the Carpet. Best of luck!

  • Kris Kris on Jan 01, 2021

    Clean the carpets and wash the walls.

    It should be done in between tenant anyway.

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Feb 03, 2021

    My husband was able to to get cigarette smoke out of a previously owned truck when he bought it. He bought ODOBAN and sprayed it every time he got into the truck. It took about a month of doing that but I don't smell the smoke anymore. I would have one in every room of your home.