How do i rid my house and furniture from cigarette smoke


My clothes, furniture and my entire house smells like a dirty ashtray. I'm a former smoker and i can't stand the smell of my home and clothes. No offense to current smokers.

Thank you in advance, debao50.

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  • Lou Lou on Jul 14, 2018

    As a former smoker I can relate. First thing is to open all windows and then wash walls and ceilings and then spray fabreeze on your furniture and of course wash all your clothes and use Oxyclean in the washer. If you want to get a little more drastic, paint your walls.

  • DiannaLynne DiannaLynne on Jul 14, 2018

    The only answer I can see is to scrub every surface you can. There's a film of nicotine that has permeated everything. Wash walls and hard-surfaced furniture, shampoo upholstery and any carpets or rugs, wash or clean clothes and curtains - then possibly use Febreeze if they're still smelly. Air everything out - open windows - and congratulations on quitting - it can't have been easy.

    • Deborah Allen Deborah Allen on Jul 14, 2018

      Thank you for your tips and it wasn't easy to quit smoking after 30 plus years.

      Blessings to you.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jul 14, 2018

    Welcome to the former-smokers club. That nasty stuff is coating everything. Wash everything that you can especially the walls and cieling. Or paint using primer that will cover tar and nicotine, usually oil based primer, otherwise it will bleed through. Activated charcoal is going to be your best friend. You can find it wherever they sell aquarium supplies. I put it in a coffee filter and seal it up with whatever I want deodorized in plastic bag, or dropcloth. Stick the filter packets into all the drawers. You may be able to put your drapes through an air only or low heat cycle with scented dryer sheets. It will take a while, but time helps dissipate that stale odor.

  • Wash everything from ceilings to floor. And I mean everything, including the walls in your closet. Wash walls with a vinegar water solution. Most upholstery can be blotted with rubbing alcohol. Have the carpets professionally steam cleaned, rugs too. Wash all your clothes and quarentine clean from not yet washed. If you want or can, repaint using a good primer like Kilz or Zinsser.

  • I would start by washing all the ceilings and walls. Then repaint with Kilz paint. Carpets and upholstery should be professionally cleaned. Wood surfaces also hold the smell. You could look into a company that does cleanup after a fire...they know how to get rid of smells! Good luck and congrats on quitting!

  • Gk Gk on Jul 14, 2018

    As a former smoker I noticed that even though i cleaned everything several times and repainted--some things needed to be replaced. One of the more expensive things was the carpet. Even though I kept cleaning it with a carpet cleaner the older carpet in my bedroom was still holding the odor. Once it was removed it smelled much fresher. Interesting because I did not smoke in my bedroom. The living room carpet did not hold the odor so I was able to get that smelling fresh and not like cigarette smoke. Also the leather chairs were the same--cleaned many times but still smelled faintly like smoke.

  • Deborah Allen Deborah Allen on Jul 14, 2018

    Thank you.