Are you getting the most out of your knives?

Whether you’re baking, grilling or simply throwing a salad together, you’re probably prepping with a knife or two. Few tools get as much use in the kitchen, but are you getting the most out of your blades? Find out:
Get Goo Off of Your Carpets. If you’ve spilled cheese, peanut butter, gum or any other sticky substance on your carpets, clean it up with a knife! It’s easier than you think and leaves less residue than trying to blot the spot. Grab an ice cube or a cold glass, and press it against the goo spot. Once the spot is completely frozen, gently scrape the solid piece off of the carpet with a dull knife (butter knives work well). If the mess has left a dull yellow spot on your cream carpet, read: Post Super Bowl Clean-Up: Giant Stains.
Properly Sharpen Your Set. When you first unpacked your CUTCO set, they were razor sharp and ready for action! Over time, however, even your perforated knife will start to have trouble slicing through a sourdough roll. It’s important to sharpen them at least once a year and hone them regularly. Honing is different than sharpening, and requires a honing steel (this is a metal rod often included with the knife set). Hold the rod point-down on a cutting board and slide your knife along the rod at a 20-degree angle about 10 times on each side (alternate the side after each swipe). They’ll be honed and ready for action in no time!
Keep Knives Organized. Don’t just toss your knives in a drawer. Instead, organize them! Your fingers will thank you. To create a bamboo knife holder, all you need are the following materials: a two-liter bottle, two cups of sugar, salt or sand, a utility knife and bamboo skewers. Remove the bottle’s label and then cut off the top of the bottle with your knife. Fill the bottom of the bottle with your two cups of sand, sugar or salt, and then pack in the bamboo skewers until the bottle is full and tight. You’re done! Slide your knives blade down between the bamboo skewers to keep them protected.
Chop the Right Way. Keep your fingers safe and your tools in great shape by chopping like an expert chef. If you’re right handed, always work the knife with your right hand. (You know the drill lefties - vice-versa for you.) Hold your knife firmly and position it over the food you’re about to chop. Don’t saw with your knife, you’re not cutting down any trees! Instead, lift up and down with your handle coming down after the blade. Check out this Knife Skills infographic from Illustrated Bites to perfect your batonnet and julienne slices!
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